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Immediately after hurricanes Irma and María were announced in September 2017, our team and community leaders set about helping neighbors, securing homes, and ensuring the best possible preparation. Later we learned that Hurricane Maria was listed as the most ferocious natural disaster to have occurred in the history of the United States and Puerto Rico.

We estimate that approximately 14,000 women and their families received food during the first 3 months mainly thanks to the efforts of the Comedores Comunitarios. Also during this period, our personnel, in conjunction with key allies, coordinated medical and psychological care brigades for over 2,000 people. Between January and March 2018, we estimate that an additional 3,000 people received primary care and supplies based on our need category system, and an additional 1,000 people received medical and/or psychological care. An estimated total of 20,000 people residing in 15 municipalities were impacted by our organization and its allies as part of the emergency response, during the six months that followed the hurricanes.

After a year of these cyclones, we continue channeling resources and devising alternatives that mitigate the vulnerability of poor families in our Loíza communities.



to. 10,000 gallons of bottled water
b. 500 Filters
c. 1,200 water purification treatments


to. Community kitchens: ingredients, gas and utensils necessary to keep operating 4 community kitchens that fed approximately 1,000 people daily;
b. Daily distribution of 50 Family Nutrition Boxes and 30 Boxes for the Elderly;
c. Nutrition for babies and young children: distribution of 1,500 boxes of baby formula, 1,000 boxes of juices, powdered milk and snacks, 250 boxes of vitamins for children and infants;
d. Nutrition for the elderly: 1,000 boxes of nutritional shakes; 1,000 cases of electrolyte drinks.


Distribution of 50 first aid kits; 250 basic medicine kits; 1,000 serums and insulin; 50 glucose meters and 20 asthma equipment.



Delivery of 30 daily boxes of Family Personal Care; 1,000 Boxes for infants; 1,000 boxes for the elderly; 3,000 Boxes for Women.



Delivery of 650 boxes of cleaning products.



Debris removal, drain cleaning, and pest control. They distributed: 600 boxes of mosquito repellents, 100 boxes of larvicides, 350 mosquito nets, 400 rat traps and poison.



Delivery of 100 awnings, 1,500 lamps and solar fans.



Repairs to 12 homes, distribution of 150 beds, 30 refrigerators and 60 gas stoves. We are currently focused on the reconstruction of 30 homes and the reactivation of the local economy by supporting businesses led by women.



jenifer de jesus
Program Coordinator
787-876-3440 / 787-256-7568


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