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Through this initiative, Taller Salud seeks to organize and mobilize the community to eradicate poverty, inequality, and structural racism. We seek to promote a culture of peace, forgiveness and community reconciliation that allows greater opportunities for development and transformation for people and their communities.  

Some of the strategies that Taller Salud uses to establish a culture of sustainable peace are:

Peace Agreement:Evidence-based project that seeks to minimize violence in Loíza as a result of the claims of women who lost husbands, children and relatives.

  • Seeks to transform violent thoughts and behaviors in high-risk youth

  • Seeks to transform community norms that authorize violence as the way to resolve conflicts

  • Creates development opportunities for the community and its inhabitants

  • Interruption of violence: residents of the community and in constant contact with it act as agents of peace

  • Community outreach and grassroots work: promotion of messages in response to current issues through murals, sports tournaments and cultural activities, etc.

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