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In Loíza we suffered the onslaught of two hurricanes, Irma and María, with a period of two weeks apart. La answer, organized by women, made a difference. Video courtesy of the Network of Foundations of Puerto Rico.



(March 27, 2019) Communities of Loíza will celebrate the event "Problems are solved by talking


(February 5, 2019) They will attend to mental health with free services throughout the Island


(January 22, 2019) The Loíza Peace Agreement must be expanded

(March 7, 2018) - Ultimatum for a safe Puerto Rico
"No one loves their country because it is great, but because it is theirs":seneca

(March 8, 2018) – Women march for justice and equity

(July 11, 2018) - Four leaders denounce the claws of sexual harassment and gender violence

(August 14, 2017) - Health Workshop, a pocket of peace to stop the bullets in Loíza

Between strategies of violence interruption, community outreach and social marketing, the organization persists in the mission it assumed in 1979.


(September 26, 2018) - Taller Salud collects direct aid for families in Loíza

PODCAST (2018) – RAISING OUR VOICE: Health Workshop

(March 4, 2017) - The problem of inequality is systematic

Experts educate on the urgency of helping girls cultivate their strengths.

(January 22, 2017) - Nonprofits face an uphill fight  The artist and educator Tania Rosario Méndez talks about the challenges of leading an entity of this nature in times of fiscal crisis.



(June 4, 2019) 'She's Gotta Have It' Writer Lemon Andersen Brought Spike Lee's Vision of a Puerto Rico Episode to Life

(May 16, 2019) - The Puerto Rican island of Vieques still has no hospital. Democrats demand answers from FEMA.

(March 12, 2019) - La Lucha es de Todes: How Puerto Rico's Feminist Movement Is Moving Toward Intersectionality

(July 12, 2018) – Gender-Based Violence Declared a National Crisis in Puerto Rico

(June 1st, 2018) - Recovery Plans Rises Critisism

(March 30, 2018) - Puerto Rico's 'Salud Workshop' FEMAle Led Disaster Recovery Project

(October 20, 2017) - In Puerto Rico, Community Groups Transform Into Relief Brigades

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