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to Four months


With four months to go until the curfew, our concerns about the handling of the public health emergency are at their peak. Although many of us still practice physical distancing to “flatten the curve,” our healthcare system is on the brink of collapse.


Physical distancing is not everything.


On March 26, Taller Salud sent a letter to the Hon. Wanda Vázquez Garced with the purpose of proposing some recommendations and demands based on law and human rights to cope with the crisis. The recommendations included:guarantees of the rights of bedridden people, access to food, massive tests, internet as an essential service,among several others.


Four months after the curfew, the most palpable distancing is on the part of the Government in its responsibility to protect the people.


Since March 26, Taller Salud has communicated with the Government en  three occasions. We update our recommendations with a focus on health according to the needs of the moment. As of July, instead of an answer, we received greater uncertainty.


This virus stops concerted planning and the guarantee of access to health and human rights. We must act collectively, using the values of #NosTenemosPR to demand health and a dignified life for all people in Puerto Rico.


For this, we need your support. 


Sign the Action and Demand: Data, Transparency, Human Rights and Access, Health Strategies, Health Guarantees for Open Businesses, Air Traffic Control and Tourism, and Protections for the Students of the Education System of Puerto Rico.

essential claims


join the effort!

Stopping the spread of this virus means taking a series of measures from the individual to the collective. They are all a joint effort to be able to win.


Add your name to the list and share. Let's let the government and the whole world know that we have each other in Puerto Rico, and that we can win.


Community claims

The following claims come from community leaders in Loíza. What are your demands?


  • Tests available at 330 Centers

  • Agility in test results

  • “Stop” collection agencies

  • food stamps

  • Economic support measures for families

  • Uniformity and clear language when issuing laws and projects

  • Declare a State of Emergency on gender violence

  • Include in transparency the issue of amendments to the recovery fund action plan in the midst of a pandemic

  • Moratorium on rents for 90 days (with the possibility of payment plans)

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