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TheCommunity Protection GuideIt is a model for dealing with emergency situations with a community perspective. This guide assists in preparing for hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and other emergencies that may occur.

It arises from the need to promote preparation, response and recovery collectively, with a gender perspective and a health approach. It is the product of our experiences together with community leaders and allied organizations in the immediate response and recovery processes after Hurricanes Irma and María in September 2017. It is an alternative to the mismanagement of emergencies by the State.

The Protection Guide is a model that seeks to serve as a tool to promote prevention, participation, community organization and just recovery.

The Guide is organized in three times: Before, During and After. Each time has a triptych that contains a series of recommendations. It is accompanied by some organized and waterproof cards that explain the step by step of the actions for the preparation.

Mutual support saves lives... get ready!

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