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Through a feminist vision, we promote the integral health of women and the prevention of gender violence. Based on the conviction that when women prosper, their communities are strengthened, a comprehensive view of the full development of women is promoted, creating work strategies with the communities of Loíza to open doors to the construction of collective power.


Some of the strategies that Taller Salud uses to promote the health, peace and development of women are:

Your Peace Counts:Focused on the prevention and reduction of gender violence and its different manifestations. This project uses a cultural competency methodology to address the specific needs of Afro-descendant women.


  • Psychological and psychosocial services are offered for survivors of gender violence.

  • Focus on trauma review and collective healing.

  • Circle of women: survivors of gender violence participate in activities that guide processes of discussion and collective healing.

  • Vision: Empowered and healthy women can advocate, organize, broker peace, and consolidate community leadership.

Health promoters: Through popular education, Taller Salud is in charge of identifying and training women over the age of 18 with the interest of increasing their capacity to respond to the health needs of their own communities._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ A community health promoter is always interested in learning, believes in social justice and in the dignity of the human being.

The education of each health promoter focuses on:

  • Dignified health and promotion of community health,

  • Women's sexual and reproductive health,

  • violence towards women,

  • Afro-descent, heritage and legacy.

Afro-Caribbean:Through art, popular education and play, this project sIt is formalized as an anti-racist and gender equality education cohort. The project cultivates and develops young people of African descent as leaders, feminist organizers, and social justice activists.Learn more about the Afro-Caribbean women, by pressing click.

Sexual Health Initiatives:Based on the changes that develop from childhood and puberty, our girls and young people receive sexual and reproductive education through the Health Workshop that is not addressed by the State.

Some of the topics that are worked on are:

  • Anatomy,

  • menstrual/vaginal care,

  • Self-concept: who they are and what care they can provide alone,

  • Education on sexual rights and consent,

  • Violence prevention and healthy relationships among young people.


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