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The fight for the right
to decide continues

Right now, access to safe abortion is at risk in Puerto Rico. The House of Representatives is holding public hearings on several bills that seek to change the rule of law in force in our country. 

​The legislation under discussion threatens our right to privacy and to making informed and free decisions regarding our physical, mental and emotional health. Most of these projects hinder access to comprehensive health during pregnancy  and restrict access to an essential health service, without presenting a single public health criterion that supports them.

Pregnancy is a diverse process, each gestating body does so differently, even between one pregnancy and another. As of today, there are already multiple barriers to accessing the timely medical attention that we deserve, in addition to typical complications related to pregnancy, severe and complex diagnoses that put the health of the pregnant person at risk, the persistent poverty in which women live , abuse and gender violence and many other circumstances that warrant abortion to be treated as a public health issue. 

​For the past 43 years, Taller Salud has worked to guarantee the comprehensive health of women and girls, their families and their communities. 

​This is a historic moment that deserves to protect the reproductive rights and human rights of everyone.

​That is why we call on you to be part of the defense of our right to decide!

Taller salud is in favor of the approval of PC 1403 that seeks to guarantee our right to decide about our bodies. On the other hand, he opposes bills PS 693, PC 1084, PC 1410, PC 715.



Endorse our position and pass it on to your contacts so they can endorse it too. 


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Speak up against projects that reduce your rights. Uses#AbortionHealthIssue andtag inFacebook to the House of Representatives,House of Representatives Twitter.


Here some examples:

  • Puerto Rico is a vanguard and an example in terms of protection of the right to privacy. Projects PS 693, PC 1084, PC 1410, PC 715 would lead us to a historical setback. For this reason we must stop them.

  • Abortion is an essential health service. Banning it puts women's lives at risk.

  • In a country where all health services are in a tailspin, forcing maternity will deepen the inequality and violence that women and pregnant people already face today.

  • Each pregnancy is different and requires individual medical attention. The doctor-patient relationship must be free of any external pressure that is not strictly related to health in order to discuss all the available alternatives and thus make the best decision that safeguards the physical, mental and emotional well-being of the pregnant person.

  • Write your own reasons!


listen to thesepodcastand share them:

Series of conversations on Sexual Rights and Reproductive Rights from different social perspectives.

-Faith Base Communities

-Human Rights Activists

-female lawyers

-Personal Medical: Healthcare Perspective

Find out about the projects here:


The action that most directly encourages us to continue our work is financial support to be able to continue our operations and work in education and political advocacy. Donate through Paypal by following the button below or through the "Donate" section of ATH Móvil.

Defend your right.

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