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As feminists, it is our duty to stand up for social justice, no matter how difficult the circumstances. For this, we propose a new training and development space that will add the visions, expertise and experiences of a group of allied people to transform existing narratives and explore areas of opportunity in the formulation of anti-racist public policies. We seek to articulate a Puerto Rican front for racial and gender justice in our country.

TheRoundtable on Racial Equity and New Masculinitiesde Taller Salud is an intergenerational space for young people and Black and Afro-descendant men to exchange knowledge and build community. Through a series of meetings and actions, the Roundtable and its members intend to promote critical reflection that brings a gender perspective and intersectional analysis to the work to eradicate racist violence in Puerto Rico. No.We propose to create a new space for Black and Afro-descendant men to identify the cracks, build bridges and create new systems to eradicate violence from its roots.

Starting today you can join the efforts to create a new work table. We seek to add collaborators, professionals and experts and allies to start the efforts of this movement. People interested in issues and areas of research, development, criminal justice reform, race, gender, and communications are invited to be an active part, particularly those who identify as Black and Afro-descendant men.


Are you betting on transformation with us? Join the movement by completing the form below.

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