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heal together

Through creative workshops, a group of women from the northeast area of Puerto Rico went through various recognition, sisterhood, and healing processes to create this book. The project had 17 writer participants and 4 facilitators who together worked on issues of afro-self-esteem, afronarración, family and ancestral lineage, black women, freedom and marronage.

“Tu Paz Cuenta and its circle of women is a space that has been created with a lot of love and dedication. It seeks to house and transform the experiences of violence lived by the women that make it up to create counter-narratives and other paths of life. We work with intention, busy building spaces and safe encounters, free from judgments where violence does not define us.” - Lourdes Inoa Monegro, Director of the Women and Health Initiative at Taller Salud. 


This book is one of the healing tools that our participants have used in conjunction with the services we offer from Taller Salud. The book is intended to heal those who read it and make them self-reflect on their own history and self-love. From circles of support, to the exhibition of her works of plastic arts last year, this book closes the circle of healing and recognition of the brave women who signed up for this journey.

We invite you to heal through reading and we urge you to write YOUR story as a way to let go and continue on the path of your healing!

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Download "Heal Together" in PDF

Share hopes of healing!

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Download this Postcard to print and share with love

let's heal together

Click on the imageor in this linkand write your AdinMantra and what you want to share about your healing experience. 

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And remember...

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